Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iran's second satellite Rasad 1

Iran has recently launched a new satellite named Rasad 1 into orbit . According to the Iranian Space organization the Safir e Rasad which is Irans second Satellite carrier was responsible for placing the satellite into orbit.
Rasad loaded on  Safir launcher

 The satellite

According to information released by the missile after launch and operate properly in accordance with the schedule of the final stage rocket separated from the satellite in orbit of 260 km from the Earth's. The orbiting observatory will continue to move in for two months. Experts from the Malek e Ashtar university have announced that images are being received from the satellite and the satellite is in perfect condition orbiting the earth.

Iran launched its first home made satellite Omid in 2009. The telecommunication satellite put Iran's name in the list as the ninth country to develop satellite launch capability

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